How to become blessed?

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The WORD in other words (2021) Fr. Franlou Bardon, SVD (USC, Cebu City)

Saturday 27th Week in Ordinary Time

        One reason why I persevere in any undertaking as a priest is my memory as a kid with my mother. As a kid growing up, I used to give up easily on tasks that were quite burdensome. But my mother was always there to assist me when she saw me struggling to finish my work, not necessarily taking the task away so I would be freed of responsibility. She did not just nourish me physically but also showed me the way to become a mature person. 

       Looking at the personality of Jesus, one will inevitably be led to appreciate not just his life but also his mother’s. In today’s gospel, this was what the woman felt as she listened to Jesus. She admired Jesus’ mother for being blessed to have an exemplary son. Nevertheless, Jesus pointed out the real reason for being blessed. Such a state in life issues from listening to and obeying God’s Word. Since both he and his mother were united in obeying the Father’s Word, Jesus did not refute the comment of that woman but humbly affirmed it.

       Today, we ask ourselves in what way we are bringing honor to our parents. How can we sustain their good legacy to us? Whatever pedagogical experiences we have with our parents express God’s care for us. We remember that when God is absent in any relationship, it is doomed to crumble. On the contrary, a relationship that is instrumental in fulfilling God’s will lasts forever. That is precisely what blessedness is all about. 

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