Children and the Kingdom of God

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The WORD in Other Words (2016) by Fr. Victor Yparraguirre, SVD (Taiwan, ROC)

Tuesday 19th Week in Ordinary Time

On a recent trip to Haiti I was amazed at the way girls (elementary to high school) dress themselves for school.  Their get-up is not complete unless their braids have ribbons in different colors.  They go in groups so that watching them pass by our hotel was like watching a real parade of colors. A very delightful and refreshing sight indeed!  There were also children who had to be cajoled or even literally pulled by parents to go to school.

Yes, children…  They can be bundles of joy or rough clays to be molded. They cannot be ignored and should not be.  The Lord compared the Kingdom of Heaven to these children!  The comparison could mean that the Kingdom is attractive and delightful.  But it has also its challenges and demands.  These cannot be ignored and should not be.

We are called to usher in the Kingdom, nay, to see and experience it in our midst.  Those children with their beautiful braids, or with their tantrums, are reminders of God’s Kingdom.  After all, weren’t they created in the image and likeness of God? Let us welcome them! Let us also continue to mold them so that their dignity and beauty as the face of the Kingdom may shine through! – Fr. Victor Yparraguirre, SVD (Taiwan, ROC)

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