Stay On — Homily By Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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Moments — 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 3 2021

The story is told about a woman who told her date that men should be the one to pay for their dinner date, using the word “menu” (men-u), as a proof. But the man countered saying that both of them should pay because “menu” means me-n-u!

In today’s Gospel (Mk 10, 2-16), Jesus reminds his disciples that “What God has joined together, no human being must separate.” The church continues to uphold this unpopular stand against divorce. The church understands and extends an open hand, but it is for the good of the children, that the church continues to say no to divorce.

“Let the children come to me. Do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” In this big debate about divorce and related topics such as contraception and abortion, everyone is speaking, except the innocent children, and the unborn.

Someone once said that there are no problem children, only problem parents. It’s sad that some “parents,” just because they want to have freedom and fun, will do whatever they want, with not much thought about the cruel effects of their actions on the children.

The word “sacrifice” must not be deleted in any relationship. Please include also the words “openness,” “patience,” “perseverance,” “faithfulness,” “commitment,” “understanding,” and please don’t delete “God” in your relationship. He is the super glue that helps you stick to each other through thick and thin.

How is the pearl formed? I heard that in the life of a shell, a grain of sand could come in and can cause pain and irritation, but instead of giving up, the two halves of the shell don’t break up, but instead, continue to work on it with patience and perseverance, until the very same irritating, painful grain of sand becomes a precious pearl. Remember, trials and problems are potential pearls.

I turned 68 last Oct. 1. I am most grateful to the Lord for the gift of life, and to my parents who have nurtured me and taught me how to live meaningfully with their words and examples. Just knowing and seeing Papa and Mama love each other was more than enough for me to feel secure, in spite of financial challenges they faced as they were raising us up.

Godliness is one of the best lessons parents can teach the children. If parents put God in the minds and heart of the children, they grow up strong and resilient to face life’s challenges, and end up living meaningful and beautiful, not empty and shallow lives.

Generosity and kindness are two very important lessons that we should pass on to the next generations, but this can hardly happen if the children do not see generous and kind parents, or do not see their parents at all.

Our cousin Maj. Gen. Jesus Dizon passed on at the age of 94. Mission accomplished for this soldier who saw action in the Korean and Vietnam wars and who served our country with honesty and decency. He lived a simple and poor life, and generous and kind through it all. We need modern day heroes!

Many people are dying these days. I do a lot of Zoom funeral Masses, if only somehow to bring God’s presence to grieving families I have also prayed over by phone for people who are dying. One unforgettable moment was when I ended up singing the “Salve Regina” over ex-seminarian Tony Aquino. He was already unconscious, but I know that he was singing with me in his heart this loving song of commendation to our Holy Queen and Mother.

Pray the rosary everyday. Pray it with the heart, and pray it slowly. Let us counter the pandemic with a prayerful humble heart, prayer will help us win over COVID-19.

A moment with the Lord: Stay with us Lord, and help us to stay on. Amen.

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