The Assumption, What it means for us

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WORD Alive by Fr Bel San Luis SVD / August 15 2021 / Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A famous artist once held an exhibit of all his choice paintings. One painting which showed the face of a woman was extraordinarily beautiful.

“Who’s this?” spectators ask. “Is she your girlfriend?” “Why’s this work so different from all the rest?” “That,” the artist replied smiling, “is the portrait of my mother when she was younger. You know how it is. One has to give his best for his mother.”

* * *

Today, August 15, we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary. The Assumption means that after completing her life on earth, Mary was the only creature taken up (assumed) body and soul into the glory of Heaven, where she shares in the glory of her Son.

Like the artist in the above story, Jesus had given the best for his mother.

* * *

The Assumption reminds us that our final destiny is not in this world but in Heaven, and that like Mary, we will achieve this heavenly home, too, if we are steadfast and faithful in fulfilling our God-given vocation and responsibilities.

* * *

Although the Blessed Mother had been assumed into heaven, she continues to help us. This is demonstrated in the Marian apparitions, miraculous healings, and exhortations to spiritual conversions in various places like in Lourdes, France, Fatima, Portugal, Guadalupe, Mexico, all of which were meticulously and stringently examined for their veracity.

In the Philippines, especially devotees to the Mother of Perpetual Help, there are numerous miracles of the Blessed Mother which are not officially authenticated; nonetheless, have the effect of a genuine miracle.

* * *

There’s for instance the example of a certain lady Jocelyn R. who related to me of her miraculous healing last February. “Days after being tested positive, I was rushed straight to the ICU. My condition was so critical that my doctor was giving up. With the help of God, rosary prayers and intentions, family and friends’ support, a surge of energy filled my body and miraculously I survived. My faith got stronger and I and my family have been praying the rosary until now that I am completely healed.”

“My heart goes out to those who have limited resources during this trying times,” she added. Jocelyn has now been helping Covid patients who are financially in need. When before she wasn’t that charitable, now she’s been “converted.” That in itself is another “miracle.”

* * *

One thing to remember. Mama Mary will not help us if we don’t fulfill what’s good for us, like following the health protocols of wearing the face mask, obeying the social distancing, and getting vaccinated. About social distancing, somebody quipped, “Better two meters socially distanced than six feet…below the ground.”

* * *

On this feast of Mother Mary’s Assumption, let’s pray that she intercedes for us to her Son, Jesus Christ, that the Covid-19 pandemic will end soonest.

* * *

STORIES TO PONDER. A priest meets his friend who is a heavy smoker. “Hey, Joey, didn’t I tell you smoking is bad for your health? Besides, your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You should not desecrate it.”

The friend paused for a moment, then replied: “But, Father, the Temple also needs incense, isn’t it?” (That’s true, but that kind of “incense” is carcinogenic, toxic!).

* * *

A London unbeliever sat watching an Irish shoeshine boy polishing his shoes. The man noticed a medal on the boy’s neck and asked, “What is that you’re wearing around your neck, Mike?”

“A medal, with the Mother of Christ on it!” Mike answered. “Why do you honor her? She is just like my mother, an ordinary woman.”

“Ahh… but there’s a hell of a difference between the two sons!” Mike replied. The story illustrates the difference in attitude towards the Blessed Mother between Catholics and non-Catholics.

* * *

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