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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jose Rizal Santos SVD (Japan) for Monday 30th Week in Ordinary Time

Physical disabilities or illnesses are not always caused by physical deficiencies or by contamination.  In today’s Gospel, Lk. 13 10-17, the woman was “crippled by an evil spirit” not for several months but for 18 years.  In short, possessed by an evil spirit.  But with the brief encounter with Jesus, she was healed. 

The Jews at the synagogue complained against Jesus’ action since it occurred on the Sabbath, the day of rest.  But for Jesus, it was only but fair for this healing to occur on the Sabbath. 

We cannot be narrow-minded or too legalistic as to easily disregard or neglect, even blinded or unresponsive to the needs of our ailing brother or sister just because it’s a Sunday, a day of rest.  It could be any day, for that matter, for the love of our neighbor, so that we portray our love for God. 

As long as what we do does not run in conflict with our religious obligations (worship, prayer and devotion as part of the great commandment of loving God above all things), then we should be ready to show our love for others, as our neighbor!

All the more would we show our faith in God in worship (Sabbath) as well as in practice if we love one another in concrete activities, like doing volunteer work, caring for abandoned children, restoring victims of calamities and disasters by helping them obtain food, shelter, and clothing.

– Fr. Jose Rizal Santos, SVD (Japan)

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