Think-Talk God by Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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MOMENTS, 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 19 2020.

SUNDAY MASS with Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

The story is told about a man, a dog, and a horse walking through the desert. The dog said: “I can’t go on. I need water.” Surprised, the man said: “I don’t know that dogs can talk!” And the horse said: “Me, neither.”

In today’s Gospel (Mt. 13, 24-43), Jesus talked to His disciples using parables to bring across important lessons and messages. There is so much talk and chatter these days connected with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Everybody is talking, and it is as if we have forgotten that God is talking, too. Yes, He talks, too. Hello!

THINK GOD! We have to separate the wheat from the grass, and choose the good, not the bad. Let our “faith” mask filter whatever negativities that come into our thoughts. Otherwise, we will be burdened, and we will succumb to helplessness, hopelessness, and even depression. Let us listen to God. Let us search the Scriptures for thoughts that lift us up, and share our faith-filled thoughts.

TALK GOD! A little mustard seed grows to become a big tree. Let us sow positive and constructive conversations. Let our “faith” mask filter the words that come out from our mouths so that we do not indulge in useless and vain talks. Let us not contribute to a culture of bashing, criticism, and pessimism that is so prevalent these days, especially in social media.

Think-Talk God, Homily By Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

TAKE GOD! Yes, let us take God’s presence and love wherever we go, and whatever we do. Let us carry Him in our hearts, and bring Him especially to people who are suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Like the little leaven that makes the dough rise, let us share in any little way we can, our time, talents, and treasures.

THANK GOD! Let us not forget to pray and be grateful through it all. Read the Psalms that speak of victory with God amid many adversities. Spend quiet moments just listening to God, or meditate on God’s goodness with Mama Mary by praying the Rosary. It is prayer that will help us come out strong and victorious, and it is our faith that will give us the refreshing waters that we need as we journey through the desert of fear and uncertainties.

The problems we are facing nowadays are real, requiring real solutions. But we also know by faith that the presence of God can make a big difference in our lives. The Lord challenges us all to become the wheat, the mustard seed, the yeast in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Let us be part of the solution, and let us choose to build up, rather than to destroy.

As individuals, let us make a choice to: THINK GOD (think positive); TALK GOD (talk positive); TAKE GOD (act positive); THANK GOD (pray positive).

Let us listen and discern. As a family, as a community, as a nation, and as a Church, let us ask amid the chatter and the noise: “Lord, what are You telling us? What lessons do You want us to learn? What do You want us to change or remove from our lives?” Collectively, we say, “Speak, Lord, we, Your servants, are listening!”

Last July 17 was the second anniversary of my lung surgery. Thank you for your prayers, and thanks to all those who helped in my healing and recovery from cancer. To God be the glory! If God extends our lives, it is for a reason, and for a mission. Payback time! Let the rest of our lives be the best of our lives, for God, and for His people.

A moment with the Lord: Help us to think God, talk God, take God, and thank God especially during these difficult times. Amen.

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