Mercy and compassion

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The WORD in Other Words by Sister Tessa Artita, SSpS (Philippines) for Friday 15th Week in Ordinary Time

There are people who really are just pre-occupied with rules and regulations,  or with the external observance of the law. Like the Pharisees, they easily find flaws in others, painting ugly images  of people, especially  details of their behavior. As one psychologist puts it, these are people with a “fault finding radar” that makes them quick to point out what’s wrong with others. Such type who habitually judge others tend to be the most defensive people, he said.

Another type of people shown in this Gospel story is the uncomplicated ones, simply true to themselves, practical, but especially focused on what their Master says.  Fatigued from the day’s  evangelization-practicum  journey,  they simply  respond  to the hunger mumbles of their stomach and  feed themselves from the grains they unlawfully  gather on a Sabbath.  True enough, their actions area prey to the “fault finding radar” of the Pharisees.  However, the Jesus’ disciples  are fearless because with them is Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath. The presence and company of Jesus make them feel  secure.

Jesus challenges the  Pharisees’ attitude of putting down people by urging them to see the simplicity of God’s laws or commands. He will not allow anything to come between  Him and his Father.  He won’t like us to miss the deeper meaning of His message –  God’s compassion on the hungry;  God’s mercy on people with  fault- finding radars.

May the Spirit of Light and Love lead us to see life, to see people with the eyes of Jesus. May we extend to others the love and understanding we receive from Jesus and from people who have touched our lives.

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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