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The WORD in Other Words By Fr Felix Ferrer SVD (Philippines) for

Tuesday 12th Week in Ordinary Time

A story is told about a jewelry store in New York that was broken in by thieves.  What was rather weird was that the thieves did not take anything but only exchanged the prices of the precious gems.  For example, what would have been worth $1000 was labelled  $10.  Those worth less were given a tag beyond what they were worth.

The next day, there was a great confusion among the customers.  Those who bought gems in big amounts were surprised to see that their gems were now of less worth.  In the same manner those who bought the low-priced jewels were amazed that theirs were now more expensive. 

Looking at this incident, one realizes that similar happenings are being observed in other aspects of life in the world today. People who formerly put high value on certain qualities like love, purity, peace have now chosen hate, indecency and violence in their lives.  Somehow, the evil spirits have taken control of their lives.

The good news of today speaks about discipleship, The Lord invites us to go through the narrow gate – which means that discipleship is not that easy to live.  It needs three qualities: courage, honesty and discernment. 

Firstly, one should not be afraid to fight for what is right despite the odds.  Secondly, one has to strive for the truth despite lots of fake news circulating around us.   And thirdly, one should seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten us in our actions.

When we can do these, then “the road that leads to life” will be before us. It is not easy, but it is possible!

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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