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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Roger Solis SVD (Philippines)

Thursday 9th Week in Ordinary Time

The Scribes and Pharisees had prided themselves of their meticulous observance of the Law. They not only mastered and studied the Law as well as the Ten Commandments but rigorously paid attention to all the details of the law in the book of Moses. They tried to expound their interpretation of the law, its implications in the lives of people, making sure to avoid the possibility of violating the law.

While many had noble intentions, some of them had lost sight of fundamental values. The pride of becoming someone in the eyes of the majority had caused them to deliberately ignore the most basic demand of spirituality, that is, putting ones’ heart, mind and soul in God alone. They worshipped God superficially.

In today’s Gospel Jesus reiterated the two greatest commandment: the commandment to LOVE God above all things and to love one’s neighbor. One can only become a person of love, a true disciple of Jesus, if one allows the Holy Spirit to become part of one’s daily life.

Jesus’ reminder is not only for people during his time; it extends up to the present time. But like most Scribes and Pharisees, many of us have gone astray. Many of us have lost sight of the very heart of the commandment.

But what is also worth remembering is that even if we were not able to fulfill the commandments in the past, God always gives us new opportunities. There is no such thing as late in God’s appointed time. Everyday is a God given opportunity to learn from our mistakes, to learn from our experiences.

Let us therefore rejoice and be glad because God continuously gives us new opportunities.

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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