Jesus is my own and only “business”

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Fred Saniel SVD (Philippines)

Saturday 7th Week of Easter

It baffles me when Jesus used the words, “What concern is it of yours”?  It is like saying ‘mind your business!” to Peter.  (In Tagalog, ano ba ang pakialam mo?). 

But when these words are connected with the disciple’s testimony about many things that Jesus did which were impossible to describe individually, I come to realize that Jesus’ words reveal a hidden message.  It’s about the story of Jesus at work in the particular human circumstances of the life of every believer. 

In the uniqueness of the life of every individual believer lies a unique story of Jesus.  Though Jesus is for all, each individual lives his/her own faith in Jesus uniquely.  As no person is a copy-cat of another, so is neither one’s way of living the faith the same as another’s. 

Jesus’ words to Peter, “You follow me,” emphasizes that each believer follows him according to one’s own context or situation in life. It is the “new life” in every person, which is the life or story of Jesus in one’s own humanity.

My own life’s story is not really entirely mine alone.  It is the life of Jesus who shapes and fashions my life according to the grace given me to follow his teachings.  Such a life is still imperfect because Jesus is not yet done with me. 

Therefore, I can mind my own business of following the Lord.  The best that I can do is to focus on living Jesus’ life and, when right opportunities come, share with others some of my life’s experiences of Jesus.

It would be impossible to write a book of Jesus’ story in every individual.  But that is not my business.  What is important is that Jesus is my own and only “business”. 

Source – Bible Diary 2020

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