We breathe, we hope

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jun Javines SVD (Philippines)

Friday 6th Week of Easter

The Gospel today provides a very good theme of hope. One of the best ways to convey this hope is through this passage:

“For a Christian there is hope. There is always hope. In the words of Paul, we hope against hope –that is to say, we remain hopeful even when there appear to be no signs of hope at all.

Why? Because our hope is not based upon signs. Our hope is based upon God and God alone. We put all our hope and trust in god. Or at least we try to do so.”

(Hope in the Age of Despair, Albert Nolan p.7)

The Gospel conveys a message of hope amidst pain, hope amidst confusion, hope against an uncertain future for employees because of narcissistic and inept managers, hope amidst abuse of the dignity of human life.

Much more, if one is anchored in the goodness and generous love of God, every facet of life will offer a much better version of our present day realities.

Let us draw enough inspiration from the spirit of the Gospel today. As long as we breathe…..we hope.

(Fr. Jun Javines, SVD (Palawan)

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