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The WORD in Other Words (2018) for December 21 by Fr Carlos Macatanga SVD (Canada)

I work as a Divine Word Missionary in a very active Cristo Rei Parish at the heart of Mississauga City in Canada. A multicultural community, it is a vibrant Family of Faith. Four years ago we began the tradition of SIMBANG GABI at 5:00 AM. At least 600 to 700 people and more than 25 young altar servers attend. What moves them to wake up for this in the cold wintry morning? What is the purpose for their VISITATION?

Some come because of tradition (the centennials), or because of curiosity (the millennials); others because they have a wish that they know will be granted if they complete the novena. Still, others are inspired to get up and travel the icy roads of Mississauga because of the sumptuous breakfast that awaits them after the mass. All I know is that they are here! And sometimes, it is all that matters!

There were many reasons why Mary left in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Probably, she was excited to share the news of her own pregnancy; or she wanted to be of assistance to Elizabeth who was also pregnant at that time. Was she there to confirm what Gabriel told her about Elizabeth? One thing is certain: Mary travelled to be with Elizabeth. And it is all that matters!

In this last week of Advent, we continue to prepare our hearts for the great VISIT of our God. This visitation is not temporary but forever! Remember, his name is Emmanuel: God is with us! We know why God is coming to us and why he is sending his only begotten Son to be with us. We know. We are excited and we are grateful.

God is with us. And this is the only thing that matters!

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