Sight is a gift

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr John Ferdinand Cruz SVD (Philippines) for Friday Week 1 in Advent

Blindness, whether by accident or genetics, happens to random people just like in   the Gospel, so it can just as well happen to us.   

Vision is a wonderful gift. Painters, photographers, sculptors, actors, and dancers   can evoke emotions in us with nary a word. Directors, playwrights, poets, essayists   and other writers can transport us to a different reality and elevate our minds to new   ways of thinking. Just by looking at the majesty of nature often moves us to praise the Creator and feel His presence.   

Sight is a gift, although there are anomalies in the way we see. People with   synesthesia have a sensory cross wiring in their brain causing them to “see” sounds  and “hear” colors. Dyslexic brains go so fast; they jumble up letters making it hard  for a person to read. Tetrachromats can “see” more colors than the average person, as  opposed to monochromats who “see” with limited colors. I am a bit color deficient; I can distinguish red from orange, but green and pink colors give me a hard time.   

Reading, watching TV and movies, strolling outdoors and taking in the beautiful   scenery are God-given blessings. Seeing smiles light up on other people‘s faces,   especially on loved ones, really warm my heart. All these involve seeing.   

So if you can read this, then you are not blind — and you are blessed. Share this gift by being a blessing to others. Donate and spare some of your precious time to help   the blind and needy. There are institutions that can help you with that. Do not take   your vision for granted and thank God for this everyday. And please, take good care  of your eyes.

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