Compassion of Jesus

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Franlou Bardon SVD (Philippines) for Wednesday Week 1 in Advent

Mt 15:29-37

One parishioner was complaining about the poverty in his place. The climate is   not favorable at all times to farming. I told him that they could not just depend on their   own capacity to acquire their various needs. They also need to turn to the source of   all blessings and ask humbly His divine help. 

Today’s gospel may provide us with enlightenment on the issue of scarcity.   The disciples in the gospel reveal how we usually behave in times of scarcity. We have this tendency to forget the common good and focus on satisfying our individual needs. We leave others struggling on their own to make both ends meet and easily dispatch people away for our heart is empty of love. 

On the contrary, Jesus spontaneously feels deep compassion when he sees the needy. He does not and he cannot ignore people who are in great suffering. In fact, the Lord can only intervene during crisis if we entrust Him all that we have no matter how little it may be. Engaging us in his saving work, he is asking our willful cooperation.   

There are projects implemented in our parish to fight against poverty. The battle   will surely take much time. But the Word of God reassures us that half of the battle   is already won when we begin to appreciate how blessed we are. To entrust God our minute resources and courageously believe that He exceedingly reciprocates every act of generosity definitely demands authentic faith in our compassionate Lord.

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