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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Francisco Estepa SVD (Philippines) on the Feast of St Andrew the Apostle

Mt 4:18-22

Jesus was walking when he saw two sets of brothers: Simon and Andrew, and James and John. His walking can be interpreted as his being grounded on reality. He   first observed people before making His choice.   

When Jesus called Peter and Andrew, they were in the midst of their work as   fishermen — they were casting their nets into the sea for a catch. John and James, on the other hand, were not fishing but mending their nets. 

Catching fish and mending   nets are essential activities of the fishermen. One has to see that the nets are sturdy and   strong for them to catch fish. But although nets are sturdy and strong, if one does not   fish, what use is the net to the fishermen? 

These two sets of brothers were dedicated fishermen. When Jesus found them, they were doing what was essential to their job as fishermen. Seeing their innate dedication, Jesus invited them to a higher form of   fishing — becoming fishers of men for the Lord. 

Yes, when God calls us we are invited  to move out of what we are used to in order to do something more noble and good.   Today we celebrate the feast of St. Andrew. The gospel for today tells us how Andrew responded to the call. May we, too, respond whenever He calls. 

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