Drive out evil by good works

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Wilfredo Saniel SVD (Philippines) Thursday Week 26 Ordinary Time, Neh 8:1-4a, 5-6, 7b-12, Lk 10:1-12

A teacher narrated to me the bullying she received from her co-teachers. For any unkind act done to her, she prayed to God for peace in her heart and in those who mistreated her — the same prayer she uttered for those who showed concern and pity.   Eventually, some misfortunes fell on a few of those who showed disrespect to her. In contrast, she was appreciated more by her superiors as well as received unexpected   blessings from doing her work well. 

“Does the Church believe in karma? Is there a   good karma and a bad karma?”   While the Church does not use the term karma. it has been an established fact that   we reap what we sow. Kung ano ang itinanim, yun ang aanihin (One reaps what one sows). 

Jesus came into this world to plant the good seed of life. He embodies God‘s kingdom in his person. Whoever accepts him and his teachings merits the fullness of life. Whoever rejects him has already condemned him/herself. Jesus is the peace of God. 

When we share his peace to others, the peace of God will rest on those who   accept it. When rejected, the peace of God returns to those who share it. Nothing is   lost for every good deed we do. We merit more the heavenly blessings of peace from   which God‘s bountiful graces flow. 

It may be called swerte or good fortune but it could be a concrete sign of God‘s favor on us. As for others who stubbornly reject God‘s message, there is a time for reckoning which they cannot escape. Hopefully, a chain of misfortunes or malas, can shake them up toward a conversion of heart. For us, let us drive out evil by doing good always.

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