Least yet greatest among us

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Eusebio Manangbao SVD (Philippines)

Monday Week 26 Ordinary Time, Zec 8:1-8, Lk 9:46-50

The least among us is the greatest. The least what? The greatest what? The least wealthy and the least powerful among us have the greatest need of our help. The least selfish among us are the greatest givers. The least powerful among us, though, are not always the greatest intellects and the least wealthy are not necessarily the greatest doers of good. 

The text also makes it difficult for us to understand why the great people who lived among us like kings, e.g., King Louis, or popes, e.g. Pope John Paul II, were declared saints, meaning, they are “least” in the Kingdom of heaven.   

If we follow the logic of the gospel, we can discover something. Jesus Christ is the greatest. He says that whoever receives a child in his name receives him. That child, who is among the least important of all, is the greatest, because, in a certain way of considering things, that child is Jesus Christ, just as you and I mirror Jesus Christ.   

It is possible to see Jesus Christ in everyone, if we know how to look. We do not look with mere eyes but with eyes of love. To look with love at anyone, is to see or know Jesus Christ. We can know that a waiter is Jesus Christ. We can know that the person driving us to our destination is Jesus Christ. We will begin to see Jesus, and   opportunities to love Jesus everywhere we look.

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