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Inquirer Moments (2014) On the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Yesterday was the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Mother. In spite of her personal pains and difficulties, she went out of her way to visit and be of help to her cousin Elizabeth. 

May we not be so caught up in our own world as to forget that there is a bigger world out there that needs our attention, care, and love.

Let us not magnify our troubles, which often are little compared to those of other people around us. Like Mary, let us learn to reach out and be truly present especially to the lost, the last, and the least in our midst.

We honor Mary most when we become more like her. Devotions and prayers are fine, but they are empty if they do not make us better persons.

A person who claims to be a child of Mary must become like Mary. And so it is that there are people who call themselves Marian devotees, but who are so angry, impatient, proud and greedy.

Coming from a pilgrimage, Maria was so happy to bring home a statue of the Blessed Mother. One day her maid accidentally hit the statue in the course of a cleaning chore. It broke into pieces.

Maria’s initial reaction was anger. But a voice within her said: “My child, don’t be angry. Be gentle like me.” That, she said, was the miracle. More than her devotion to the statue of Mary, the miracle was her transformation to become more like Mary.

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