Prayer to Jesus for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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From the SVD Collection of Prayers, VADEMECUM

L. Lord, Jesus Christ, we beg you through the immeasurable love of your heart to send us the Holy Spirit from the Father so that our hearts may be conformed to yours.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of the fear of the Lord to avoid all sin and to have a healthy fear of God’s judgments and so arrive at true humility.

L. Jesus, you bound yourself to the eternal Father with the most intimate filial devotion and showed gentleness towards people.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of true piety to check every urge to be harsh and sharp tongued and to freely subject ourselves to God as dutiful children.

L. Jesus most dependable, in bitter sadness you mourned over the misery that sin brought on the human race.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of knowledge. Teach us to see the emptiness of the things of this world without you and so to seek only what leads to heaven.

L. Jesus, God of Strength, with true greatness you bore the most bitter anguish and the enmity of evil people.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of strength that with your help, we may overcome our timidity in living as true religious and so be your faithful servants from now on.

L. MostgenerousJesus,theloveinyourheartdrove you to go about among people and do good.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of counsel. Under the inspiration of the Spirit, may we imitate your own mercy and so receive mercy when our time comes.

L. Jesus Splendor of eternal light, your heart beams with flawless purity.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of understanding, so that with the guidance of the light of the Spirit, the truths of an unblemished faith may penetrate our minds and bring us to an ever greater appreciation of the Blessed Trinity.

L. Jesus, Eternal Wisdom, in the love of the Father, your heart enjoys supreme peace.

A. We ask you for the Spirit of wisdom that through the Spirit, our hearts may be freed from every created attachment and become rooted and grounded in divine love.

L. Let us pray.

A. Lord, we beg you to pour out the abundance of the graces of the Holy Spirit on our parents and immediate family, on our relatives and friends, on our benefactors for their spiritual and material gifts, on our whole Society and its lay missionary helpers, on our enemies, and on all for whom love or duty obliges us to pray. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the indwelling Holy Spirit be always with us. Amen

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