Fr Jerry Orbos SVD: Are you miserable? Here are reasons for you not to

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They say happiness is a choice, but how can we be happy and not miserable. Listen to Fr. Jerry Orbos SVD as he gives you reason not to be one miserable being.

Our most important journey is not financial journey, nor career journey but the journey to be closer to God.

Fr Jerry Orbos SVD
In this video, Fr Jerry Orbos SVD identifies for us reasons not not be miserable

Fr Jerry Orbos SVD writes a regular Sunday column, “Moments” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. through his talks, retreats, print and media apostolate, Father Jerry reminds everyone that God speaks to us in the most ordinary moments of our lives. He calls this “moments spirituality” — every moment is filled with God’s presence and grace.

Fr Jerry was born in October 1 1953 in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. He is a member of the Society of the Divine Word (Societas Verbe Divini) or SVD. He was ordained priest in October 25, 1980. He spent four years in South Korea as a missionary. He worked as Mission Director for SVD Philippines until 2014 promoting mission awareness and raising funds for Filipino SVD missionaries abroad.


  1. Thank you Father Orbos for the inspiring words i learned a lots…wishing you good health,long life and God bless always

  2. Thank you so much for the reminder which we often fail to see and reflect in our life! Oftentimes it seems that we make our own plans and focus more on how to survive forgetting that God is in control of Everything! Take care Fr and Im deeply grateful!

  3. Thank you Fr. Jerry Orbos for inspiring talk and so full of wisdom i almost cry after your talk. I pray for your goodhealth always God bless you more . You are Beloved

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