Holy Monday Talk of Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

Given at Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word at Christ the King Seminary in Quezon City

“Three prayers for this Holy Week: 

– Be Healthy. 
We have to focus on the HUMOR and NOT on the TUMOR. Take good care of yourself. 

– Be happy. 
A lot of people are struggling to be happy because they are not contented with what they have. Count what you have and not those what you don’t have. 

– Be Holy. 
Strive for a life of holiness and continue to seek God in your hearts. Be joyful as you do your traditions this Holy Week. 

Three Rs that you should do this Holy Week: 

– Rest. 
Ask yourself, how are you doing in your life? Have you been so busy that you forget to take care of yourself? Rest your body, mind and soul. 

– Reflect. 
On the things that you have been doing, ask: Are you doing everything for the glory of the Lord? The Lord is cheering for the joyful and repentant heart. 

– Renew. 
Renew your broken relationships and be humble. Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation as God waits for you to come back to Him.”

Listen to the Audio of the Holy Monday Talk of Fr Jerry Orbos SVD

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One comment

  1. You can use the actual words of Fr. Gerry. For example, “count your blessings not what is missing”. Please also fix the English to better convey Fr. Gerry’s message.


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