Liturgical Bible Study

A Bible Methodology in the Light of Verbum Domini for the New Evangelisation

By Fr Arlo Bernardo Yap SVD

Liturgical Bible Study is a study and understanding of the three Sunday readings, leading to the insightful discovery of their connections to each other.

The LBS, is an interactive, question and answer process where a leader is more of a facilitator than a teacher. The facilitator goes through the Sunday readings, Gospel, then First Reading, and then Second Reading, one after another, verse by verse by asking questions and the members giving answers basing them on the text.

After determining the connections between the three Sunday readings, the members take the Responsorial Psalm to affirm their insights. Based from the unified message of the three readings, called hibla (fiber or thread), the facilitator poses an application-question to initiate a sharing of life experiences from the members after dividing them into smaller groups.

The whole LBS process lasts around one-and-a-half hours for an average of 10-20 members.

A more detailed explanation of the method is elaborated in the book, Bush, Nourished by the Word by Fr Arlo Yap SVD, the Coordinator of Biblical Animation for the SVD Philippine Central Province.

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