Saving act of God

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Wednesday 4th Week of Lent

Isaiah 49:8-15
John 5:17-30 

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jun Castro SVD (Philippines)

Important activities that many a charismatic group would engage in is often called a GAWAIN. The New Testament has a book called Acts. But call it either Gawain or Acts, they both illustrate our poor, human and humble efforts regarding the work that Jesus refers to in the Gospel – the Father`s relentless work to save us.

Our belief that Jesus came to save us sinners is hinged around this intimate relationship with the Father. And because He and the Father are one, the Father has made possible this saving action in and through His Son. It can even be said that the most engaging work of the Father is His very Son.

How engaged are we with God ́s saving work? First, we praise Him for the marvels He has done for us as a people and for the countless individual saving acts He has done in our personal lives. After our humble recognition of all these,it’s payback time.

When a brave woman who opened her own simple home to welcome young people wanting to be rehabilitated from drug abuse was asked why she was doing this, she answered: “It’s payback time.” She revealed that she was also helped byothers to reform her ways. We too can all be engaged in so many ways depending on our circumstances and our willingness to carry out the desired tasks.

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