Calling Jesus in times of need

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The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jay Francis Flandez SVD (Hong Kong)

Monday Week 4 Lent 
Isaiah 65,17-21
John 4,43-54
Royal official pleading to Jesus

One of my ministries as Chaplain to the Migrants in Hong Kong is hospital visitation. On those occasions, patients tell me of their woes and pains; they complain and even doubt God because of their condition.

But in one of those occasion a Filipina, who had just been operated on, was so full of hope and faith. I told her that we should be thankful to the Lord because of her successful operation and continue to pray for her healing and fast recovery. She replied, “Father inaangkin ko na, na gagaling ako.”(Father I have claimed it that I will be healed). This is an expression of total faith.

In today’s Gospel, the royal official approached Jesus and begged him to heal his son who was near death. Jesus saw the faith of this royal official. Jesus told the official, “You may go; your son will live.”

Faith is necessary in our relationship with Jesus. Without faith we will never grow in our relationship with Him. Let us learn the humility of the royal official who approached Jesus and asked for healing for his son. Faith teaches us to be humble to recognise our need and that without God we are nothing.

When things go wrong we approach Jesus with humility and ask his guidance and assistance. Contrite, we approach Jesus in the sacrament of reconciliation and ask his mercy and forgiveness. If there is humility in our hearts, Jesus will say,“My son/daughter you may go; your faith has saved you.” Jesus is our strength.We must be humble and always make Jesus the center of our life.

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