Be merciful to me a sinner

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Saturday Week 3 Lent 
Hosea 6,1-6
Luke 18,9-14

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Jaimelito Gaelan SVD (Philippines)

A priest gave a moving sermon on the Gospel of today, about the proud Pharisee and the humble Publican. Everybody was impressed.

Right after theMass one of the parishioners shook hands with the priest and told him: “Good sermon, Father.” Then he added: “It was really meant for my big brother.” He did not realize that he was committing the same sin of pride, the sin of considering himself better than someone else.

Jesus points at the need for us to think about how we can grow as persons, how to root out evil tendencies that crop up from time to time in our lives, how to relate better to God.

Is this not why He praised the Publican, rather than the Pharisee? The Publican was fully aware of his own sinfulness and his relationship with God to worry about anything or anybody else.

May this be our constant prayer: “O God, be merciful to me a sinner.”

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