Upgrading the Law

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Wednesday 3rd Week of Lent

Deuteronomy 4,1.5-9 
Matthew 5,17-19 

The WORD in Other Words by Fr Roberto Ibay SVD (Philippines)

In our gospel today, Jesus expressed his intention to upgrade the law. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill”. (Mt (5,17)

To upgrade the law is not just to observe it but to transcend it to a higher level. To upgrade the law is not just to know or to interpret it, but to put it into practice with love in our relationship with God and with others. To upgrade God’s law is to be faithful to our commitment, responsibilities and be always available and joyful to contribute something for the good of others and our communities.

In a word, to complete the law from the spirit of the gospel is to observe it for our personal sanctification and that of others.

Fulfilling the law of the Lord is having more time to be with Him through prayer, through participation in the Eucharist and through committed involvement in the different activities or ministries of the parish where we belong.

It is also sharing with others our personal experience of God’s love and mercy upon us wherever we are.

Upgrading, observing, understanding God’s law is not just following the Lord or being with Him but going out of our comfort zones and living faithfully the mission God entrusted to us as individuals and as a community.

Living without assuming the life, mission and option of Jesus is degrading the law.

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