Biblical Apostolate

Divine Word Missionaries put the Holy Bible at the center of all evangelisation ministries. Many members of the missionary organisation pursued specialised studies in the Biblical research, while others availed of various trainings in the use of the Holy Bible in their particular pastoral milieu.

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To articulate this particular ministerial mark of Divine Word Missionaries, Divine Word Biblical Center was established in 1988 to coordinate all evangelisation activities centered on the Holy Bible. The biblical center was also tasked to assure the sustainability of the various biblical academic and pastoral activities.

Divine Word Biblical Center

The biblical centre offers various formation programs depending on the needs of the organisation or group.

Basic Bible Seminar

An introductory course on Sacred Scripture for all levels of the faithful. It consists of group activities, conferences and celebrations geared towards making the Bible one’s prayer book and book of life and geared towards building Christian communities based on the Word of God.

My Personal Psalm 

A one-day lecture-activity that introduces the participants to the Psalms. It explains the Psalms in their simplest description and tries to illustrate some of the psalms and the human emotions involved in them. The activity will lead the participants to compose their own psalms.

Bible Encounter Seminar & Training

The Bible Encounter Seminar and Training is an initial process of formation designed for the spiritual nourishment of individuals and communities who hunger and thirst for the Word of God. It provides the participants basic knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. Its workshops intend to teach and train them to facilitate Bible Study, utilizing the Sunday Liturgical Readings. Through the formation of Liturgical Bible Study groups, which will eventually conduct the bible study weekly, individuals and communities will come to celebrate the Holy Eucharist more prepared and more nourished.

Exodus Walk

A one-day activity that lets the participants experience the journey of the Israelites through the Exodus story. Participants are asked to wake up early at dawn to relieve the greatest story of Israel’s history – Abraham’s descendants escaped from the cruel slavery in Egypt.  The activity consists of 7 different stations, each station depicts how God liberated the Israelites bringing them to His promised land.

Youth Bible Camp

A yearly gathering of youth which aims to build fellowship centered around the Bible among SVD youth leaders and to help them be nourished by the Word of God. The Youth Bible Camp is a 5-day creative journey with the Word though different activities and conferences and celebrations.

Salvation History

A one-day lecture-activity that illustrates the Bible as the love story between God and His people. It discusses the different periods of how God saves his chosen people by using pictures through a gallery walk. In the end, participants are asked to reflect on their own love stories with God and then make a personal Bible expressed and experienced through a lifeline.

Bibliodrama Retreat and Recollection 

A two-day retreat using the elements of bibliodrama. It is a way of journeying with particular Biblical texts through different activities like dances, reflections, interview and gestures.  It is a creative way of connecting the Scripture passage with one’s own personal life story or life experiences, so that participants may find their own situations and experiences in the Bible.

Youth Bible Workshop

A one-day workshop activity intended for youth ministers. By re-living the experience of the disciples on the road Emmaus with Jesus, youth ministers will grow in their call to love Jesus and serve others especially the youth in their particular groups/organizations.

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